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Le condizioni per l’utilizzo di testi, foto e illustrazioni coperti da copyright sono concordate con i detentori prima della pubblicazione. Qualora non fosse stato possibile, Shalom si dichiara disposta a riconoscerne il giusto compenso.

    ”Jewish Flavours of Italy: A Family Cookbook” a culinary journey through Italy

    “Jewish Flavours of Italy” is not simply a cookbook, but is a real culinary journey through Italy and a deep dive into a family’s culinary heritage. With more than 100 kosher recipes, the author, Silvia Nacamulli, offers readers a unique collection of authentic and traditional Italian-Jewish dishes, combined with stunning photography, practical tips, and clear explanations. With a delicious mix of recipes, family stories and history, Silvia offers a unique insight into centuries’ old cooking traditions. Discover recipes from everyday home-cooked meals to special celebration menus for Jewish holidays.


    “Food and family stories are the best way, perhaps the only way, to begin to unravel the intricate history of the Jews of Italy. This is a brilliant book to cook from and, as you do that, get a glimpse into a community more than two millennia old ” wrote Yotam Ottolenghi.  And Claudia Roden says: “Glorious food from an engaging family – informative, fascinating, moving and delicious”.

    Highlights in the book include recipes such as “pasta e fagioli” (borlotti bean soup), family favourites such as “melanzane alla parmigiana” (aubergine parmigiana), as well as Jewish dishes such as the famous “carciofi alla Giudia”, Jewish-style fried artichokes, challah bread, and “sarde in saor”, Venetian sweet and sour sardines. Silvia’s extensive cooking repertoire combined with her life experiences make her recipes and family stories one-of-a-kind. 


    The reader can also find famous desserts such as Roman Jewish “pizza ebraica” (nut and candied fruit cakes) and “pizzarelle col miele” (matza fritters dipped in honey). Each recipe is introduced in a friendly, conversational tone that gets readers involved before they even get the chance to preheat the oven. 

    Silvia’s enthusiasm transforms this collection of recipes into a culinary experience that will be cherished by generations to come.

    Silvia Nacamulli is a master in the art of traditional Italian Jewish home-cuisine. London based, born and bred in Rome, she had the privilege of observing three generations of fine Italian Jewish cooks, surrounded by Italy’s culture and love of food. She is a well-recognised name onthe international food circuit, having written more than 200 recipes for The Jewish Chronicle, contributed to several recipe books, and given hundreds of demonstrations at cookery schools, charities, synagogues, fairs and festivals.